Poetry & Music

Thursday Evening, February 1

Spoken word and music are fun ways to appreciate and celebrate our native plants!

Native People, Plants, Poetry: A Celebration
7:00 – 8:30 pm

Poets and writers Georgiana Valoyce-Sanchez, Dave Holt, Lucille Lang Day, and Linda Noel will present poems that celebrate native plants and places of California, with their Native American roots grounding their work in the here and now as well as earlier times. An open mic will follow; all are welcome to read/recite words that honor California’s native plants and habitats.

If you think you don’t like poetry, come anyway: you’ll be surprised!

Songfest & Music Jam
8:30 pm – midnight

Songfest & Music Jam will follow the poets and writers event. Attendees are encouraged to bring acoustic instruments, and/or songs with lyrics and chords (but not sheet music) on a thumb drive. Songs will be projected on a screen so others can sing and play along. Songs with botanical themes are encouraged (adapt new lyrics to old favorites) but all other good songs are welcome. Familiar songs or tunes work best, and you should be prepared to lead the songs you bring. This will be a fun event whether you can play an instrument or sing, or just love live music!