CNPS Chapters

At the CNPS Conservation Conference, it is important for all 35 CNPS chapters to be involved, and represent all of the unique work our members and volunteers do all around the California Floristic Provence. As a chapter member attending the conference, you will…

  • Represent your home chapter
  • Meet members from other chapters from around the state
  • Connect with non-members to show them why it’s great to be involved in a local chapter
  • Share what your home chapter has accomplished, and learn from the achievements of others
  • Take what you have learned back to your home chapter and educate fellow members, so that others can benefit even if they were unable to attend the conference themselves, and your chapter can make an even bigger difference in the community

CNPS Chapter Posters

Thanks to all chapters who are presenting posters! Download chapter poster abstracts from the abstracts page »

Chapter posters are a critical component of the Conservation Conference, as they highlight all of the amazing work our organization does throughout California. Be a steward of your local chapter’s projects and initiatives by creating a poster! Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference, and a poster session will take place on February 1. Review the Chapter Poster Guidelines for details.

Sponsor Students!

For past conferences, CNPS chapters have had wonderful success raising funds among their local membership and connecting directly with local students to cover all or part of their registration, travel, and/or lodging expenses. Not only does this help bring the invigorating energy of many students to the conference while supporting their education, it helps connect these younger generations with CNPS and local chapters so we can continue to inspire the next generation of botanists and conservationists.

See the Student Funding Recommendations for Chapters for details.


CNPS chapter members are encouraged to get involved by taking on volunteer roles before or during the conference. You can take on a team leader or coordinator role and have a big impact on the conference, or be a crucial extra set of hands onsite. We need all the help we can get to make this big event happen! Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

CNPS Store at the Conference

Deadline for Inventory Forms: December 15, 2017

Chapters have the option to provide chapter-published books and chapter merchandise for sale in the CNPS Store, which will be centrally located in the Exhibit Hall throughout the duration of the conference. An inventory form must be provided to CNPS by December 15, 2017. Details & Inventory Form »

Sponsor or Exhibit

Chapters are welcome to sponsor and/or exhibit at the Conservation Conference to get extra exposure! Learn more about the benefits of sponsoring and exhibiting.

Help Spread the Word!

The more people who attend the conference, the more we can do together and learn from one another. Chapters are encouraged to spread the word about the conference to their local membership and broader community. Advertising materials, including write ups, talking points, ads, flyers, and more are available for chapters to use, or you can contact the state office for more information. Thank you for your help!